Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And just like that, it turned into a great day

Holy crap.
Holy crap.
Today might - might - have been the best day of my life.
No, alright. That's a bit of an exaggeration. Still, it was a good day. A great day. Not so surprising, considering it was a wednesday - and anyone who knows me KNOWS that my favourite day of the whole week is wednesday, mostly on account of the whole 'once-wednesday-is-over-its-pretty-much-the-end-of-the-week-so-you-can-start-living-in-weekend-mode-again' factor, but also because when Prison Break was still on, it always aired on a Wednesday night.
Yeah. You might have noticed I typed that last 'wednesday' with a capital W.
Wednesday night. That's how much I love Wednesdays - so much, I'm going to start typing them with capital W's.
Anyway, that's not important. Let me tell you why today was so good:
First of all, Mum took Catherine and I to pret-a-portea at The Park Hyatt. It's like high tea, but they have a fashion show during it. PLUS since its at The Hyatt, there's valet for the car.
Oh, my gosh.
Do you have any idea how uplifting it is to have a hot guy in a suit open the car door for you?
So as if that wasn't enough, then there was French champagne, mini pastries baked by a Parisian chef, and a fashion parade that can only be described as awesome - and not just because one of the models had a totally hilarious bobble-head walk. Although that was a large part of it.
Anyway. So Wednesday had already shaped up to be pretty flippin' sweet, as far as days in the life of Jacki Trew go. Then guess what happened? I WON A $300 VOUCHER FOR THE CHRISTOPHER HANNA HAIR SALON.
Holy crap! I don't think all the haircuts I've ever had in my LIFE would add up to $300. Mostly because I learnt from Mel a long time ago how to cut it myself over the sink. But still.

So yeah. That's how this Wednesday became a great day. Oh, except there's one more thing: I just got home from babysitting and guess what's on TV?
Repeats yeah, but hey, I'll take whatever I can get.
Maybe this is the best day ever.

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