Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prepare your tastebuds

So today, in between finishing college assignments and watching episodes of Prison Break (did any of you really think the obsession would end just because the series did?), I invented a new flavour of pizza.
Suck it, Italy. There's a new chef in town!
Prepare your tastebuds for SPAGHETTI PIZZA.
That's right. Spaghetti Pizza.
Here's the recipe so you can try it for yourselves:
1. Combine ingredients
2. Eat
And I meant it when I said 'prepare your tastebuds'. You really need to. Because here's something I learned today: Spaghetti Pizza tastes like crap.
What's going on with me lately? I'm having serious food issues. And it's so not like me! I'm not saying I'm a genius or anything, but I can usually display enough intelligence to predict that pizza and spaghetti aren't going to mix well. And to tell the difference between human food and dog food. Oh, here's an update on that, by the way: It wasn't dog food, it was just really old chicken. Which might actually be worse, I'm not sure.

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