Friday, November 28, 2008

Super Bowl

Ok, so this might get me shot, but can someone please explain what the Super Bowl is?
Seriously, I used to think I might maybe may have some clue about it, but the more I hear about it, the more I am convinced I have no idea.
First of all, what sport does it even involve?
Football? Basketball? Bowling? I mean if you think about it, that last one makes the most sense.
Also, whats so super about it?
Hmm? Does it go for longer than a regular game of..bowl? Or are all the players supersized? Like, they are so jacked up on steroids that their necks are as thick as a regular persons thigh?

And also I gather that its on thanksgiving...or is it?
Because if it is, may I ask why?
Seriously. Because I've watched enough episodes of Friends to know that on Thanksgiving, Americans do nothing but eat.
I mean more than usual.
So why would they have the Super Bowl on TV on the same day that you're not supposed to do anything but sit and eat and pretend to be thankful that you live in America???
Dont you know how hard it is to eat and watch TV at the same time? I mean, unless you dont mind spilling food all over yourself. Otherwise its like, do I look at the TV? Do I look at my food? Because if I look at my food, I'm gonna miss the Super Bowl, but if I watch the Super Bowl, I'm gonna end up with hot turkey in my crotch and thats never good.

So please, someone, anyone.

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