Sunday, November 30, 2008

I cant believe I forgot to blog about this.
Recently, when I was holidaying in Greece, I made probably one of the most offensive jokes I have ever made:

(By the way, BusAbout was the tour group we were with, kind of like Contiki, only better. Suck it, Contiki.)

Julia: BusAbout is really good, don't you think?
Jacki: Yeah. Really good.
Julia: Good for meeting young people.
Jacki: Oh I know. Not that there are many old people here.
Julia: I think I saw some when I was in Oia with my parents.
Jacki: I wonder if they were on a tour group for old people.
Julia: (Laughing) What, like WheelchairAbout?
Jacki: Walking-stickAbout.
Julia: AmbulanceAbout.
(Both of us laugh)
Jacki: HearseAbout.

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