Friday, November 28, 2008

has TV become more normal, or am I just more insane?

Is it just me, or is TV getting seriously normal?
And by normal I mean...well, boring!
I mean come on.
Seriously though.

What happened to the good old days of two highschoolers falling in love and then finding out that they're actually half-siblings, or of a fugitive on the run from the law in South America finding his incarcerated brothers girlfriends decapitated head inside a mouldy cardboard box in the corner of some underground carpark?

I loved those days!!
Take this week of Home and Away for example. And I know nobody watches Home and Away anymore - save for me, Mel and my sister - but shut up because I've worshipped this show for the better part of my life, and when they start handing out awards for dedication to the Australian entertainment industry, well, we'll see who's laughing, wont we?
Anyway, this week is supposedly the final week for 2008, and what exciting adventures have they set up for the last episode?
A group of friends having to hide out in someone's basement as a drug-addicted serial killer stalks all of them in revenge for her late boyfriend who was accidentally run over by one of the townmembers?
2 former best friends who have to make amends when they are involved in a car crash, which shocks one of them into premature labour?
A woman's husband coming back from the dead, and visiting her and her young son at his birthday party, while disguised as a giant bear????

You know what we're going to get?
Melody's going to smoke weed. And maybe get run over.
Whatever. I mean, its not as if nobody's ever smoked weed on Home and Away before. Its practically a weekly occurance these days. And if she does get run over, she probably wont even die!
Oh and there's the whole Bridget-stole-Leah's-identity-so-she-could-set-up-a-bank-account-
in-her-name-and-steal-all-her-money thing.

I mean, really? An "exciting" storyline? About a bank?

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