Wednesday, November 05, 2008

catherine trew: a model, idiot?

(another trew sister argument. and please note, before you label me insane, that i was on a pretty intense sugar rush at the time)

jacki: (giggling) hey. hey. hey.
catherine: (annoyed) what?
jacki: (tries to do a funny dance move and ends up kicking the coffee table) ow ow ow!!
catherine: you're an idiot
jacki: hey you know i did a blog about my theory.
catherine: what theory?
jacki: you know.
catherine: no, i dont.
jacki: yes you do!!
catherine: oh, you mean that crazy celebrity double-whammy crap or whatever its called?
jacki: first of all, its called the Celebrity Doppelganger Theory. and second of all, it would pay you to remember that, since its whats going to make me famous.
catherine: jacki, how many plans have you had to make yourself famous?
jacki: (pauses) well...a few
catherine: and how many have worked?
jacki: well none so far, but this one is different!!!
catherine: whatever
jacki: seriously, go on my blog, theres a list!!
catherine: (sarcastically) uh huh. ill be sure to do that.
jacki: seriously!!! you know i found dads?
catherine: who is it?
jacki: have you ever seen the Baz Luhrmann version of Romeo and Juliet?
catherine: is that the one with Leonardo di Caprio?
jacki: uh huh
catherine: yeah, ive seen it
jacki: you know the guy that plays Juliet's father?? THATS DADS!!
catherine: you're an idiot.
jacki: no im not!! you have to admit, you DID look like Adam Sandler's kid!
catherine: yeah, at one tiny point in time.
catherine: thats all what takes?
jacki: thats all it takes to make the list!!! im telling you, im going to do it!!!
catherine: do what exactly?
jacki: im going to win the nobel peace prize!!!
catherine: im sorry, PEACE PRIZE?
jacki: (laughing hysterically)
catherine: dude, you are insane! win the peace prize?!
jacki: but its my life mission!
catherine: since when?
jacki: since i decided winning the nobel peace prize is a good way to get famous!!!!
catherine: your life mission is to make people laugh! and you usually cant! you just wind up hurting yourself instead!
jacki: (offended) oh yeah, like when?!
catherine: less than five minutes ago!!! you tried to dance and you ended up kicking the coffee table!!!!
jacki: (sheepishly) oh yeah

because i just thought of another one:

Rach Pickering/that chick from Mean Girls who 'doesnt even go here!'

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