Monday, November 17, 2008

how i almost met wentworth miller

anyone whos anyone knows that like 3 years ago, when they were making that Superman movie with Kate Bosworth and that guy that nobody knows but who really really looks like a young Christopher Reeve, they filmed part of it at this huge house which is just down the road from where I live.

(sidenote: what the hell with Longueville and fame? Superman, Nicole Kidman, that one time they filmed an Oak Milk commercial at my bus stop?? CRAZY!!)

Anyway, what nobody knows, what I didnt even know until 16 minutes ago when I watched an interview with Brett Ratner and found out, is that Wentworth was actually IN LINE to play Superman.

I mean it.
It was like, between him and the Chris Reeve look-alike.
And, well, maybe like 300 other guys too, but whatever.
My point is, that the guy who actually ended up playing Superman was down the road from me.
In this big house.
For like a month.
With little to no security, because I mean, its LONGUEVILLE, the only people who live here are senior citizens who can't even make out the figures on the tv screen, or teenage boys, and lets face it, neither of those groups are likely to swarm a buff 20-something-year-old actor.

So where was I?
Oh yeah, the the guy who played Superman was down the road from me.

and thats how I almost met Wentworth Miller.

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