Wednesday, November 05, 2008

jacki trew, genius?

here's the thing:
ive figured out how i can win the nobel peace prize.
you know how sometimes i make up these crazy theories in my head, and then i tell people, and they tell me im crazy and im all like whatever, this theory is totally going to win me the nobel peace prize?
except this time, im actually going to win.
its one of my best theories yet - i know, because ive been working on it for the better part of my life.
so here we go.
here it is.

(also just letting you know, that by reading the words above, you have agreed to NOT steal my theory, no matter how AWESOMELY AWESOME you think it is - and believe me, you WILL think its awesomely awesome, because well, it really really is).

The Celebrity Doppelganger Theory
Thats right my friends.
The Celebrity Doppelganger Theory.
My theory that everyone in the world - EVERYONE IN THE WORLD - looks exactly like some celebrity.
Who is the judge of this doppelganger-ness, you may wonder.
i am. so shut up.
And, which celebrity do I look like, you may ask.
well i havent figured out everyone yet, so SHUT UP AGAIN.
but fear not.
eventually i will have figured everyone out.
it just comes to me, randomly - sometimes in the shower, sometimes while im cooking, sometimes walking the dog, most of the time when im at work and i really should be concentrating on taking down Mrs Freemont's order for 16 tangerine beaded tank tops, only im not, because i could care less about crap like that.
the list so far: (and it will be added to, ohhh believe you me. believe you me).
Regular Person/Celebrity Doppelganger
Gemma Goodwin/Julia Roberts
Maddy MuSung/Lucy Liu
Jordan Potts/Topher Grace
Emmy Shanahan/Yancy from The Sleepover Club
Daniel 'Milky Nips' Watterson/Zac from Gilmore Girls + That blonde guy from Packed to the Rafters
My future husband/Wentworth Miller
Deb Hirst/Jennifer Aniston in the first season of Friends
Catherine Trew at age 3/Adam Sandler's daughter Sadie
Pat ONiell/Mark Whalberg in that movie Fear
Nathan Gale/Eddie Cahill (who played Rachel's boyfriend Tag on Friends)
Magda (my boss)/Susanne Somers
Phillip Trew/Paul Sorvino
huh? HUH?!
i am so in for the win.

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