Sunday, November 30, 2008

So this afternoon I had this random fit of needing to organise all my passwords.
like, you know, for hotmail, or facebook, or whatever.
See the thing about me is that I have this thing where I always think that one day, somebody is going to figure out my passwords.
So of course I have to work extra hard to make them cute/funny/interesting, so that when that day comes along, whoever has figured it out will turn to me and say 'Oh my gosh, what a cute/funny/interesting password, you are so cute/funny/interesting. Lets be best friends forever!'
Only I figure that even though this person is smart - smart enough to figure out my password - theyre not smart enough to figure out all my passwords. So I make each one different. Well, until today. I decided its time to grow up, get more organised, and make all my passwords the same.
No, I lied.
Its mostly because I keep forgetting my passwords.
Ok so I've gone through every website I have a membership to, and finally I come to facebook. Anyway Im getting all excited and geared up because this is the last website password I have to change, except guess what?
According to facebook, you cant have a password if its a word thats in the dictionary.
Doesnt that mean the only kinds of passwords you can have are those ridiculous ones that websites assign to you before you log in for the first time and change them to your dogs name or whatever? like e561g900? surely this cant be for real!?
Except yeah, its for real.
I hate the internet.

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