Sunday, February 26, 2012

Smoke Monster For PM

I am more confused by Australia's current political situation than I was by the last season of Lost.  Who did Kate love, Jack or Sawyer?  And what was up with that crazy old dude living by himself in the woods?  What was the truth in the end, that they'd all died in the plane crash and gone to hell?  Intense.  Mostly though, I'd like someone to justify the Smoke Monster.  Smoke Monster.  Prime time television hasn't seen a villain this ridiculous since that nerdy kid from Bones decided to become a cannibalistic serial killer.  And I swear I saw one episode where it ATE somebody.  Smoke can't eat people - everybody knows that.

As of tomorrow morning, Kevin Rudd might be our Prime Minister.  Again.  I'm sure there's a very simple explanation for how and why this has happened, but what you have to understand is that I am the kind of douche bag who will honestly spend an extra 15 minutes in a voting booth trying to decide whether it's funnier to support the Sex Party or the party for Communism.
Political knowledge isn't exactly my strong suit.

So other candidates for PM are able to step forward, but realistically it's between Kevin and Julia Gillard, am I right?  Sigh.  Kevin and Julia seem to have been locked in an all-out battle for national domination since she first stole the position off him way back in 2010, despite the fact that they're both members of the same party and generally disliked by most of the population.  I'll say it again.  POLITICS DO NOT MAKE SENSE.  If someone can explain to me why we can't just overthrow both these idiots and appoint Hugh Jackman as supreme ruler of the universe, I will be extremely grateful.  Also if you could walk me through the Lost finale, that would be great.

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