Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Here's an interesting conversation I just had with one of the chicks at our local beautician:

Chick: Do you wear this eyeliner every day?
Me: Pretty much, yeah.
Chick: You should get a tattoo.  Much easier.
Me: Haha!  Yeah, why not?
Me: Wait..

See, the worst part about having your eyebrows done (which was the actual reason I was in the beautician) is that you have to lie on this table, arms by your sides, with your eyes closed - they could have done ANYTHING to me.  Not that they strap your wrists to the table or anything, but I'd just finished a 90-minute session at the gym, so I was knackered - after 2 kilometres on a rowing machine, letting someone tattoo my eyeliner on would probably have been less painful than attempting to fight back.  Thankfully, this particular eyebrow-waxing chick was pretty decent, so she left my eyelids alone.
I mean, I am assuming.  I haven't actually looked in a mirror yet.

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