Monday, February 27, 2012

I can't tell you how many times I have heard some variation of this line spoken in the last few episodes of My Kitchen Rules:

Contestant: I looked at the meal they put in front of me and I  Better do a Maccas run on the way home.

Yes, I have some thoughts.

First of all, shut up.  You're getting a three-course home-cooked meal, drinks included, for FREE.  I don't care if the entree is a Vegemite Sao.  If someone took the time to cook me a three-course meal,  I'd be thankful enough to eat it without complaining.  And Vegemite Saos are fucking delicious.  
Secondly...for a group of individuals who claim to know almost everything about cooking and are only too happy to judge every  edible item that's placed in front of them...these people sure do like their McDonalds.

What else?
To continue yesterdays post about the ridiculousness of Australian politics at the moment, I can tell you I completely forgot about Labour's re-election until it was announced that Julia Gillard had won...during a commercial break for My Kitchen Rules.  I'm not entirely sure what this means; either I need to seriously reconsider my priorities, or Julia Gillard should be fired in favour of a celebrity chef.
Sometimes I can't believe that we only have a federal election once every four years.  Doesn't the public realise that in four years, the right mix of power, responsibility and screen time on free-to-air television can turn even the most sane and rational of people into a complete nut-bag?  And I hear it takes even less time for politicians.  Plus you have to compensate for dickheads like me - at 19, I thought wasting my vote on The Fishing and Lifestyle Party was both hilarious and awesome.  It took only 2 years for me to realise how wrong I had been, and how my careless youthful attitude to politics could possibly affect the future of the nation.  Thankfully now that I'm 21 and a proper adult, I can see how wrong I was.  
It's voting for the Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party that will make people laugh.

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