Thursday, February 16, 2012

Packed To The Trews

So anyway.  To further the aim of earning some extra money in my free time, I've spent the afternoon researching paid drug trials in the Sydney area.  And in related news, I've decided that 'risk of anal leakage' is probably the funniest phrase I have ever heard in my life.  Perhaps 'medical guinea pig' isn't the next dot point I want on my resume.

Hey!  Did anyone else watch the new season of Packed To The Rafters last night?  Is it totally lame that I watch Packed To The Rafters now?  I don't care.  I'm addicted.  Here is my reasoning:
1) It's my Mother's favourite show.
 There is nothing more entertaining than watching television with my Mum, especially when it's a show that she enjoys.  I've deliberately been avoiding shows like Rafters and All Saints and Winners or Losers for the best part of about 6 years now - mainly because I'm way too busy and important to watch that much TV, and also because (for me) Australian drama has a higher cringe-factor than the last 20 minutes of Saw VI.  Nevertheless, I know how much my Mum loves it, so I bought her the 1st season of PTTR on DVD for Christmas last year.  Aaaand then I happened to pop over to her house one afternoon while she was watching it.
Like I said, there's nothing more entertaining than watching TV with my Mother.  Here's a summary of the first 5 minutes:
Me: Hey Mum, what are we watching?
Mum: Rafters.
Me: Oh, God, aren't you over this show ye - hey...that guy is pretty hot!
Mum: I know.
Me: And so is that one!
Mum: I know.
Me: Even the Dad is pretty good looking!
Mum: I know.
Me: And the Mum!
Mum: I know.
Me: And don't they bang and get pregnant at some point?
Mum: Yep.
Me: That's hot!
Mum: I know.
Me: Are ALL the guys on Rafters this good looking?
Mum: Yep.
Me: And is there always this much sex?
Mum: Why do you think I watch it?

My Mother is brilliant.
Here's the second reason:
2) This guy:

Sure, he's not the best-looking man on the show (especially not if you compare him to Hugh Sheridan)...but the thing I like most about this guy is that when I was standing at the desk at work the other day, he came in and asked me for some advice on hair product.
Let me say that again.
ME.  ADVICE.  Hair product.
Hair product.
I guess what I'm trying to say here is that one of the biggest turn-ons in life is when a guy considers you intelligent enough that he will come into your place of work and ask your advice on something.  Also that I don't care that much about hair product.

Sometimes I wish my life was more like a reality-tv version of Packed To The Rafters, and that strange men with cameras and microphones would follow me/various members of my family around all day long capturing the loving and meaningful moments we share together on film.  Only instead of strange men, I would probably make Alex and Boyfriend do it.  And instead of loving and meaningful moments, they'd probably just be getting footage of my sister and I trying to kill each other.  Nevertheless, I think it would make for brilliant television.  Right?  Right?  Am I right?  I'm right.  New life goal: Packed To The Trews.  Yes, that's what our reality show will be called.  The title makes no sense - just like us.

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