Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wow. It's been almost 2 seconds since I last blogged - better get on that.
Ok, so three things:
1) Anyone trying to contact me on Facebook, sorry, but my computer is going through some phase where it refuses to open that particular website. Everything else is fine, but Facebook is a definite no-no. I don't mind so much - I've learnt to deal with my laptop's increasing moodswings. But if you were thinking about writing on my wall, don't bother; my computer will probably explode. Yours might too. Just give me a phone call.

2) My sewing-machine-poltergeist has followed me to school. And I am not even kidding. Okay so the other day I just sitting there, you know, all innocently, working on a shirt. I put my foot on the pedal, and the machine sewed for a few seconds, and then stopped. Huh? What? So I'm pressing on the pedal and making 'Why isn't the machine working?' gestures, and then Celyna (my teacher) comes up behind me and is all "Your machine's turned off, idiot."
Okay, actually what she said was "Your machine's turned off." But you could totally tell she was adding the 'idiot' part in her head. Anyway...
There was only one possible solution - IT WAS THE SEWING-MACHINE-POLTERGEIST!!
So then of course I completely abandoned my assignment and sat around talking about my poltergeist theory to just about anyone who would listen. And now they all think I'm crazy. I mean, more so than before.

3) I had netball last night. It was the usual embarrassing affair - not because of my team, oh no, they're fantastic, but rather because I couldn't seem to gain control over my own legs. Honestly, by the end of the game it was getting ridiculous. Who trips over themselves? I'm all for tripping over someone else, that could happen to anyone. But I trip over myself. Like, I'll be standing COMPLETELY alone, with nobody around me, and somehow my legs get all tangled up in each other. It happened twice last night, much to the delight of the spectactors I'm sure.
Ah well, I guess it's not that bad. What did I lose really, except my last shred of dignity and all the skin on my left knee? Nothing I can't live without.

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