Saturday, September 19, 2009

WARNING: The following post is offensive/not suitable for old people

So, you know how I am totally age-ist? Like, I don't exactly have the best relationship with old people?
Well it turns out they don't like me so much either!
I was getting on the bus yesterday afternoon with Charlotte and Lucinda, and we sat down in the four-seater with an old lady. For those of you that don't catch buses and therefore have no idea what a four-seater is, here's a diagram:

As in, we are facing each other.
Anyway, as soon as the three of us sat down, the Old Bag make this huge show of being annoyed, rolling her eyes and staring out the window and making this weird 'UGGHH' noise.
Um...What?! Come on lady, it's a bus - if you don't wanna sit next to someone, then don't sit down! I didn't even touch her, nor did any of the ten thousand bags I cart to and from college every friday, and still she makes this massive deal out of having to share the four-seater with us.
Bitch, please - if anyone should be upset, it should be me, about having to sit next to you.
Haha alright, that was a bit mean. But she started it!

Huh. Here's a thought I just had: In like 80 years or whatever, when I'm an old person, am I going to pay myself out or mentally punch myself in the face every time I walk past a mirror?
Because that would be hilarious.

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