Saturday, September 19, 2009

I definitely wasn't ready for that jelly

Prepare yourselves for the blog of the century people, because this one's about yesterday and last night and the fact that JULIA AND I WERE IN THE SAME ROOM AS BEYONCE FOR, LIKE, 4 HOURS!
Ohhhh my gosh.
Alright give me a moment, I don't think I'm over it yet.
Okay, moments over.
Seriously though, I can't think of one bad thing about last night. It was awesome, epic, amazing, fabulous, disco fabulous, right from the very beginning. The very beginning. Mainly because the very beginning involved a conversation with my Dad that went something like this:

Dad: Are you going out?
Jacki: Yep
Dad: Where you going?
Jacki: Beyonce
Dad: (Pause) Beyonce?!
Jacki: ...Yeah
Dad: You're going to see Beyonce??
Jacki: ...Yeah
Dad: You're going to see Beyonce...Live??
Jacki: I surely am
Dad: Oh! I knew you were going but I didn't know it was tonight. Oh how fabulous! I'm so jealous!

...Huh. I'm not really sure what to think about that. Nor what I'm more disturbed about: Dad's casual use of the word 'fabulous', or the fact that he may have been more excited about Beyonce than I was - and make no mistake, I was pretty flippin' excited.

A quick drive and two train rides later Julia and I arrived at Olympic Park, and entered the arena to the sound of what? Who? Oh, only Jessica Mauboy.
Oh yeah - Jessica Mauboy.
Sweet niblets! Who even knew she was coming? I surely didn't! And judging by Julia's reaction, neither did she:

Ha. Julia loves Jessica Mauboy. Can you tell? I'm no die-hard fan, but let me tell you, the girl can sing. And rock a pair of thigh-high boots like nobody's business.
It was during JM's performance that we noticed a guy several rows in front of us, who will hereforth be referred to as 'Crazy Dancing Guy'. I don't think I need to explain what he was doing - the name does it for me. But yeah, he was rocking out. Maybe harder than I've ever seen anyone rock out. Ha.
Okay so the next supporting act was Flo Rida. Here is my favourite moment from that performance:

(Guy comes on stage and everyone cheers)
"Flo Rida": What's up Sydneeeeyyyy?
Sydney: Woooooo!
"Flo Rida": Sydney I wanna get excited and I need you to help me out, so can you do that? When I say 'Flo', you say 'Rida'. FLO!
Sydney: RIDA!
"Flo Rida": FLO!
Sydney: RIDA!
"Flo Rida": When I say 'Rida', you say 'Flo'. RIDA!
Sydney: FLO!
"Flo Rida": RIDA!
Sydney: FLO!
"Flo Rida": Alright now Sydney, give it up, for FLO RIDAAAAAAA!
(Julia and I turn to each other with confused looks on our faces and I kid you not, at the same time both said:)
Jacki: Oh! I thought that guy -
Julia: Isn't he Flo Rida?
Man We Thought Was "Flo Rida" But Actually Turned Out To Just Be Some Random: Here he is, Sydney. FLO RIDAAAAAA!

(The real Flo Rida comes out on stage and the whole crowd goes wild - except for Julia and I because we're still laughing at each other.)
Jacki: (Between hysterics) This is so going on my blog!

Aha. That might have been the best moment of my life.
Oh, until an hour or so later, when Beyonce came on stage. I'm not going to describe the whole concert in a play-by-play fashion because honestly, my sub-standard writing just won't do it justice. But I will give you my favourite moments:
  • The dedication to Michael Jackson
  • Julia and I talking about how hot the Lenny-Kravitz-looking guitar player was for like 10 minutes, and then realising it was a woman
  • Beyonce's legs

And I'm going to stop there, because if I don't, this post will never end. Basically though? Beyonce is the female Wentworth. And that's all I have to say about that.

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