Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cloverfield, swine flu and the art of piercing your own ears

So, my sister got home from Indonesia the other day. Oh. Wait. I think I forgot to blog about the fact that she even left.
Well, my sister went to Indonesia. And now she's home.
Okay I think my favourite thing about Catherine going to Indonesia is the pirated DVD factor. She bought SO many pirated DVD's. I'm pretty sure technically, our house can now be considered a pirated DVD store. Anyway. I haven't had time to watch them all yet, but I know from the titles that they're all awesome.
Except for Bruno; that movie is worse than cancer.
Unfortunately for Catherine, in between buying all the DVD's, she contracted swine flu. Huh. Sucks for her. Still, I think it's totally worth it, because one of the DVD's she brought home was Cloverfield, and anyone who knows me knows that Cloverfield is one of my favourite movies of all time on account of the fact that the two main characters remind me of Michael and Sara from Prison Break.
So thanks Catherine! You're the best! Oh, and sorry about the swine flu thing - tough break man, really.

On a completely different note, the other night I had a total Parent Trap moment, got bored and decided to pierce my own ears.
Four times.
Okay and wait! Just wait! Before you pass me off as a TOTAL crazed delinquent, it wasn't actually that risky...First of all, I'm not completely inexperienced in this area - I totally re-pierced my friend Lexi's ears in the girls bathrooms one lunchtime in year 6. Plus I Googled the whole thing before I even started. And besides, the ability to pierce my own ears is practically written into my DNA since my Mum did her own ears when she was my age. Yeah, let's just not mention the fact that because she was a nurse at the time, she was able to bogart local anaesthetic and rubbing alcohol from the hospital. But hey, take it from me: a tray of icecubes and a barbeque lighter will work just as well.
So yeah.
The whole thing started when I realised that the 3rd holes in each of my earlobes had closed over. What?! I mean...that's just unacceptable, right? Well, to any other person, probably not. But to me? There's a reason I have so many holes in my ears, people! I own literally SIX THOUSAND pairs of earrings - If it weren't for the fact that I can wear 5 pairs at a time, I'd never be able to use them all!! So yeah - that's how the first two piercings came about.
See? I'm NOT crazy!!
After that, the adrenaline was pumping, Dirty Dancing was on in the background (you know how much that movie excites me) and I was so totally jazzed about not killing myself with the first two piercings, I decided to give myself another.
Through my ear cartilage.
Okay, okay. You now have permission to label me insane.
Still, despite the lack of sterile materials, my natural clumsiness and the fact that this happened at 2.30 in the morning, I must have been doing something right, since it all worked out fine.
The only thing I regret, actually, is not Twittering the whole thing.
Twitting the whole thing?
Tweeting the whole thing?
Whatever, not important. But it does seem like the kind of thing one should Twitter about: @jjjacki Just chillin' in my bathroom and hey there's a hot needle in my ear! You know. It's important for my friends to know these things about me.
Well, I guess that's what blogs are for :)

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