Monday, July 06, 2009

T-Bag is in town!!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
I just found out Robert Knepper, also known as T-Bag, the one-handed super villain from Prison Break (Prison Break! PRISON BREAK!!!) is in Sydney.
As in Sydney, Australia.
As in Sydney, Australia, WHERE I LIVE!
How is it that I'm only finding out about this now, when he's leaving for Melbourne in a couple of hours?! If someone told me sooner, I could have been out all day looking for him! I would have had more time to find him, kidnap him, and force him to take me to Wentworth Miller's house! I could have convinced him to cut off his own hand, autograph it, and give it to me as a parting gift!
Oh, the disappointment. It consumes me.

On another note, I'm watching the Michael Jackson - Last Time concert on TV right now, and having just about the best time of my life. I know he's dead and all, but there's something about seeing Michael Jackson and Slash from Guns n Roses on the same stage that melts my little black heart. I mean it. The only way it could get better is if I was marrying Wentworth Miller while watching this concert. Actually, I think I've gotten myself a little too excited:

Jacki: If he doesn't do Thriller, I'll shit my pants on your bed. And then eat it.
Catherine: (Pause) I really don't want that to happen.
Jacki: Oh me neither, my friend. Me neither.

Jacki: I really like his knee-pads.
(Michael is crouching down on the stage covering his eyes with his arm)
Catherine: What is he doing?
Jacki: Maybe weeping? He might be overcome. With emotion. He's a very emotional person, you know. Oh, was a very emotional person. Oh gosh, I think I just died inside, saying that.

(N'Sync comes on stage and does a duet with the Jackson 5)
Jacki: Oh my - is that JT?
Catherine: It's not just JT, its all of N'Sync.
Jacki: I just orgasmed.

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