Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Bucket List

I just watched the episode of Scrubs where JD turns 30, and he gets all emo about it because when he and Turk were in college, they wrote a list of all the things they want to accomplish by the time they turn 30, and he hasn't done any of them.
That made me think.
Dude. Dude. 30 is OLD.
Also, it might be fun to write a list of things I want to accomplish.
A 'Bucket List', if you will.
I'm excited. Mostly because I feel like this is the kind of thing that will totally crack me up when I come back to read it in my old age.
Ok, you know what? I am so not waiting another 11 years to laugh at myself, so I'm just writing a list of things I want to accomplish - nay, things I WILL accomplish by the time I'm 20.
Which is in...9 months.
Oh holy crap.
I'm 20 9 months?!
This sucks! Why didn't anyone warn me?? Dammit!!
Here's the list:
  • Build a time machine
  • Have something named after me
  • Finish knitting the blanket I started 6 years ago
  • Invent a card came so good they play it in Vegas
  • Convince my hair to start growing again
  • Get the family of possums out of my roof
  • Somehow persuade one of my friends to have a dress-up themed birthday party, so I can put fake tattoos all over the top half of my body and go as The Female Michael Scofield
  • Learn how to make an origami flower
  • Star in a Baz Luhrmann movie and win the Oscar for best actress. Ok, maybe thats a bit far-fetched. I'll just be in the movie - the Oscar is optional
  • Figure out how to stop myself from aging
  • Be on an episode of Rove
  • Learn how to ride a pogo stick
  • Teach my cat how to ride a pogo stick
  • Bring Michael Jackson back from the dead
  • Get through my P's test without killing anybody
  • Sail around Panama
  • Have my book published
  • Steal a pair of scrubs from North Shore Hospital - dammit they look so comfortable!
  • Get Catherine to admit that I'm right about something
  • Ride a shopping trolley down the giant hill on River Road
  • Learn how to do one of those wicked-cool iceskating spins
  • Spend a whole day at The Wardrobe trying on costumes
  • Finally finish reading The Tomorrow Series
  • Get people to start calling me something cooler than Jacki, like 'JT' or 'The Jack-Attack'
  • Make the perfect cappuccino
  • Find a hairstyle that actually works for me
and of course...
  • Meet Wentworth

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