Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yep, That's A Penis

So I know Easter was like a week ago and everything, but apparently people are still talking about it. I just heard a debate on the radio about whether The Easter Bunny is a boy or a girl:

Dude 1: What do you think, is The Easter Bunny male or female?
Dude 2: I think male.

Dude 1: Why?
Dude 2: I'm not sure...wasn't the bunny originally a chicken? A chicken would have been female, so I think the bunny is a male.
Dude 1: That makes no sense.
Dude 2: Well fine, it's a girl then. What do you think?
Dude 1: Duh. The Easter Bunny is asexual.

Jacki: *Heart attack*

Okay. Putting aside the fact that this might be the most disturbing conversation I have ever witnessed in my life, I still wanted to be part of it. So I sided with Team 'The Easter Bunny Is A Boy'. I'm not really sure why. It might have something to do with this:

I feel violated.
On a completely different note, some of you may be wondering how I went on my drivers license test today. Well, the answer is that I didn't. I didn't go on my drivers license test today. As it turns out, my instructor (who I had specifically asked to book my test for the hour after my lesson) is the biggest wanktard in the universe. Here's what happened:

Jacki: Good morning, John.
John: Good morning.
Jacki:'s the big day!
John: Er, what?
Jacki: My test. My test is today. You booked it for me, right? Remember when I called you, and asked you to book it for the hour after my lesson? And then I texted you, to make sure you knew what I was talking about?
John: Ohhh...I...didn't know that's what you wanted me to do...
Jacki: You mean I don't have my test today?
John: No, sorry.
Jacki: You mean I've psyched myself up for nothing?
John: Yes, sorry.
Jacki: You mean I read the entire Driver's Handbook from cover to cover last night, and it was completely pointless?
John: I'm afraid so.

10 minutes later

John: So...have you been driving regularly, with your mum and dad?
Jacki: Don't talk to me.

Right? Right? Asshole! On top of that, my car is in the shop with engine problems, my work just transferred me to Mosman for the next 2 months, and although it's 10pm on a Saturday night, I'm sitting at home blogging on account of the fact that there is less than $15 in my wallet. Bliss.

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