Sunday, April 04, 2010

One Of My Favourite Friends-In-The-Woods-Are-Stalked-Attacked-And-Killed-By-A-Group-Of-Mutated-Mountain-Men-For-No-Apparent-Reason Movies Of All Time

Happy Easter readers!
So since it's the long weekend and I'm extremely lazy, I'm now going to blog a whole lot of stuff I already talked about on Facebook today. If this bothers you, you will have to get over it. If it doesn't bother you, it means you haven't added me on Facebook yet. Asshole.


Long weekend + laziness + empty wallet = four days of sitting on my ass and watching movies. This afternoon I watched a little diddy by the name of Deliverance. If you've never seen nor heard of it, let me break it down for you:

A bunch of dudes go on a weekend canoeing trip in the middle of the Georgian wilderness only to be accosted by a feral band of inbred hillbillies who stalk them with shotguns and crossbows in the hopes of kidnapping, raping and/or killing them.

I know, right? Who wouldn't jump at the chance to watch something like this? Like I said to Gemma earlier, it's pretty much just a primative version of Wrong Turn, which everyone knows is one of my favourite Friends-On-A-Holiday-In-The-Woods-Are-Stalked-Attacked-And-Killed-By-A-Group-Of-Mutated-Mountain-Men-For-No-Apparent-Reason movies of all time. Literally the only difference that and Deliverance is that the Deliverance hillbillies are slightly less inbred than the Wrong Turn hillbillies. And that one of them plays the banjo. Other than that's awesome. And if you watch it with your eyes half-closed and are enough of a desensitised robot that you can block out the guns and crossbows and broken bones and rape and murder and basically just focus on the fact that it stars Bert Reynolds when he still looked like this? Then you'll probably enjoy it.

In other news, I recently had one of the craziest dreams I have ever had. Just re-telling this dream makes me sound crazy. Or I guess crazier, since I am obviously already crazy. But still. Even the sanest person on the planet could re-tell this dream and sound like a complete loon. For that reason - as well as the fact that it's long winded and filled with some weird references to pop culture - I decided not to post it here, but on the Uncut, Unrated, Unreasonable version of my blog instead.
Anyway, that's it. Enjoy your chocolate. I hope this guy isn't the one delivering it:

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