Friday, April 16, 2010


One of the most amusing things in the world to me, is when stupid-looking people unintentionally appear in the background of photographs. Exhibit A:
Okay this person doesn't look stupid so much as incredibly creepy. And the fact that I can't work out whether it's a man or woman only adds to that. Also, check out his/her right eye, which appears to have been replaced with some sort of laser. My only conclusion is that he/she is a terminator robot sent from the future to destroy us all.
Exhibit B:
I remember the night this was taken. It was the Playboy Bunny party at Chelsea Bar last Easter. That's right, I said Chelsea Bar. Which is in Chatswood, not Kings Cross. So there is absolutely no reason for this girl to be dressed - as she is - like a 2 dollar whore. I get that it was the Playboy party, but come on - even Hugh Hefner's disgusting girlfriends don't dress this poorly. Still, even more frightening than this chick's fishnets is the guy on the left, in the black and purple tshirt. Check that shit out! It's like he's staring into my soul! I don't think he was actually even at Chelsea that night. He might be a ghost. He's like the bartender from The Shining, only with white eyes and a crappy haircut.
Exhibit C:
Oh, alright, I lied. There is no Exhibit C. I just like this photo because my fringe is defying gravity. And look how happy I am, despite just suffering the worst billiards defeat in history. Good times.

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