Monday, April 19, 2010

My Mum and I both had this morning off, so I woke up with the intention of doing some pretty serious female bonding. You know. Knitting, baking, practicing our curtsies, braiding each others hair. Or whatever-the-hell normal girls are doing while I'm busy watching Prison Break and stalking Wentworth Miller via YouTube.
It started well enough - with coffee and painted nails and a viewing of Breakfast at Tiffany's - but eventually our Trew family genes got the better of us, and we wound up talking about drunk people and the hilarious things that they do. My Mum had a great story for me about the head manager of her old work who totally wrote himself off at the last company Christmas party. Apparently he went missing like half-way through the night, and they later found him riding a shopping trolley down some highway at 2 in the morning.
Ha! Okay to be fair, it was funnier when she told it. I don't think my sub-par writing skills can truly do it justice. In any case, it's good to know there are grown men out there who are just as stupid as me.

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