Thursday, May 04, 2006

you know what i think?

i think our school was designed so that more people could witness my embarrasing moments.
take today for example.
i was innocently walking along the corridor to get my Othello which i accidentally-on-purpose left in my locker, when sarah suddenly starts running and then falls forward. luckily she saved herself by leaning against the side of the stairs which go down into r22.
Unfortunately for me, her legs were sticking out further into the hallway than I anticipated, so of course, i tripped over them and faceplanted straight into the floor right outside the top english classes room.
In any normal, caring, not-wishing-to-embarass-jacki-trew-beyond-all-reason school, only sarah and I would have witnessed the humiliation, but of course, since in our new building every wall, door, roof and window is made out of clear glass, the entire top english class also saw, much to their delight, and proceeded to laugh sarah and i, in all our clumsiness, out of the building.

i think its my shoes. how else would i fall over so many times in one schol day?

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Anonymous said...

i knew you would blog about that, what did i tell you