Wednesday, May 24, 2006

now who's laughing?


like in maths the teachers are all "we know ur doing general and yes ur going to be in mr obriens class but because we are so old and slow and we take 20 years to do one word of paperwork, you have to stay in advanced until we're finished and decide to stop being such munches. oh, and while ur in advanced you can do work from the general book, even though we all know perfectly well that you dont actually own a general book, and that the general class is doing shares on the computer at the moment, and no, we will not let you do that"
so basically, i can sit in the advanced class, but i cant do general and i cant do advanced.
so all i have to say is "hahahaha!".
i mean, i cant believe the teachers would actually be stupid enough to fall into such an obvious trap. if they really knew me they would know that im the kind of person who would rather chew off her own hand than do maths by choice, and here they have actually handed me the chance to sit in class and stare out the window for 50 minutes without being persecuted for it.

life is good.

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