Thursday, May 18, 2006


OHMIGOSH im in dt and SOOO bored because im supposed to be doing some project brief thing but im really bad at typing things that r like gramatically correct so im like mah ill do it later.

even tho its due tomorro.

but really im so excited right now becoz beff is bloggin n shes like 2 computers away from me and i love it when beth blogs because its always about something relevant unlike whatever i blog about which is something random about how im annoyed because i have to walk all the way home this afternoon and i dont even have my ipod.

uh! that ipod is tight son.
OHMIGOSH lauren just came in, HI LAUREN! i love lauren we have economics together and its always a joyful event except for that i always fail.

now we're all talking about how Marissa shud die on the oc and that theres basically no other way for her to die apart from getting a terminal disease becoz every other cause of death has already been used on the oc, like someone drowned, had a heart attack, almost commited suicide, got hit by a car (theyve used that like three times), fell off a cliff and got shot.

so basically marissa should either get a disease which is so bad that they cant save her by cutting off all her hair or she can die in childbirth. or she can get attacked by a giant bear.

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