Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"and i quote"

jackis infamous quotes of pure and simple idiocy

  • "Which Lleyton Hewitt? The one that plays tennis or the one that plays basketball?"
  • Kat: "My iceblock is kind of spikey" Jacki: "Maybe its the bones in it"
  • Al: "Jacki, you are so impatient" Jacki: "Actually, its umpatient. Impatient isnt a word"
  • "Am I famous for being a celebrity?"
  • (After being told to shut up in a movie) "Yeah people, lets get some quiet in here!"
  • "Whats the opposite of bald? Hairfull?"
  • Jack: "Hey check it out, that girl has a mustache!" Jacki: "Where?" Jack: "Where do you think a mustache would be, dumbass"
  • "Get the one with peppermint in it. Its healthier. Peppermints a fruit."
  • (After seeing a yellow sunset from inside a building) "Whats that big yellow billboard?"
  • (Pointing at a fountain) "How cool is that lake!"

more soon

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