Friday, May 19, 2006

the end of an era

wooo im jumping for joy because i just had my last mathematics lesson EVER!! becoz i failed mi maths exam n got 40% n the Briss is like get out of my class you piece of dumb person and i was like with pleasure lady so im going to MR OBRIENS class which is SO cool because he watches home and away and so do i so we're sure to bond over the mutual love for a classic australian night time soap.

i am so excited.

anyway tonight i have to babysit kids in my netball team that i coach and i am so excited about never having to sit through another hanus hanus advanced maths lesson again that i will probably go on a rampage and stab them and eat all of their pre-packed school lunches.
these are the kind of kids that ask you if they can go to bed early, its so hilarious, but tonight, ohhh tonight things will be different, because usually the conversation goes like this:
Children: Please Jacki can we go to bed and leave you to eat all our pre-packed lunches and watch our dvd's.
Jacki: Of course my little angels
But tonight I am so excited about NO MATHS that the conversation will get out of hand and will go like this:
Children: Please Jack can we go to bed and leavr you to eat all our pre-packed lunches and watch our dvd's.
Jacki: YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS *stab stab* mwaaahahahahahahahhahaha *claps*

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