Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Bronte Bums

I return. Still in english extension, since my last post I wrote about seven words.
we're supposed to be writing some crap about the bronte children, some boring bunch of boring tools who got born and some of them died randomly, then the others went on to write some random crap like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights who you only read if your name is Jimmy and your reading to an old lady while eating stale chocolate cake in a blue suit that she gave you for christmas and then forgot about it
(lauren you know what im talking about baby)

anway im up the back with my computer faced the wrong way so miss everyhamm (or should i call her miss kwinaye or whatever) cant see what im doing.

anyway the only cool thing about the bronte family is that they must have been on drugs or something because me and beth figured out that the mother, whose name was maria, had two children called maria and elizabeth, and they had an aunt called elizabeth, who was marias sister, and she also had a child called maria, who had two children called maria and elizabeth.

i mean no one who is not on pot is stupid enough to name that many people in their family maria and elizabeth, apart from my own family, who has four tonys, five tobys, two helens, two johns, three oscars, three janes and two catherines, plus alot of other randoms.


Beth said...

lol jacki you got it all wrong. maria branwell (nee bronte) the MOTHER of elizabeth and maria bronte (the famous writers) had a mother who's name was maria branwell (nee whatever) and a sister called elizabeth branwell.

Jacki said...

thats what i said. but apparently elizabeth branwell also had a child called maria who had two children called maria and elizabeth

Janey said...

i just find it confusing that the mum was called maria branwell, who eventually named one kid maria and another branwell...what the FUUUUCK

Jacki said...

yeah wat a munch