Wednesday, May 31, 2006

carnival folk

OHmigosh so ok today was the athletics carnival and it was pretty fun.
i wore a waistcoat. we all did heaps of stuff like me beff han n kc stalked the shan for like half an hour and invited her to our picnic BUT she said no and THEN she made us carry these stupid athletics tool thingies ALL the way across the stupid stupid oval and they like mauled beths arms off.
then it got hot and we got hungry so we went back to our seats and mauled jess's waterbottle which weighs a dillion litres and ate a whole bag of chips. then it was like a billion degrees and we were dying because it was so hot so julia and i put our jumpers on our heads and pretended to be grim reapers and then we made beth be the priest of our grim reaper marriage which was v. romantic.
then it was way to hot so we went and sat outside the bathrooms and read cosmo and laughed at hillary duff and kieth urban because neither of them have orgasms, and these women with collosal nipples, and we tied julias arms and legs together and laughed at her.
basically that was it for the day apart from me and julia trying to get changed on the bus which was considerably hard because the bus kept turning corners and i kept sliding off the seat and my stockings were exploding all over the shop.

good times.

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Julia Ba Gulia said...

Yes we made sweet Grim reaper love