Wednesday, May 10, 2006

holy crap.
i just like looked up, and theres a window above the computer.

...was that always there? it looks pretty old. this is weird.
am i really that ignorant of my house that i didnt notice a window above the computer?
oh whatever.
you know what, year of love is totally down the toilet right now. you know what else, so is this blog.
these days, with these kids, its all "my space this" and "livejournal that", but dont worry blogger, i wont leave you.
well, i might leave you. i make lots of pacts that i dont seem to keep, like my pact to study, or do homework, or listen in class, or get fit. but ill never break my pact to not buy a Mathaid from mrs brisset. my pacts against her are always strong.

even if it does mean ill fail maths.

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Jacki said...

hey! i failed maths!