Wednesday, May 24, 2006

utter confusion

i have a feeling.
you know that feeling of total and utter confusion you get when, say, i dont know, you realise that despite the total hatred shown towards you by someone, lets say, oh, your modern teacher, you still, hmm, lets see, love them anyway?

emmy. if ur reading this. which i know you are. because you cant bare to be away from me for more than one second. i have to ask you...why do we all love you so much? if you were old we so wouldnt. despite:
  • the filthy looks i get whenever i even think about taking a breath
  • the exasperated sighs i get when i ask stupid rhetorical questions
  • the taunting of my bad marks despite the fact that my marks arent bad.
  • the eye rolls
  • the "jacki stop rocking on your chair before I stab you" thing
  • the "jacki stop talking before I stab you" thing
  • the "jacki stop threatening to stab me before I stab you" thing
  • the shut ups
  • the determination to show no human emotion towards me

yes, yes, even despite these things and more we still all love u emmy-em-poops.

even me.

especially me.


Casey said...

hahaha o jacki...emmy-em-poops, love it. nearly as gold as our multiple printouts of the Shana-Lynch asian sailor-moon-goes-dominatrix photos...lest we 4get

Anonymous said...

i love you jacki