Wednesday, May 10, 2006

shower thoughts#7

like, imagine if our heads and our reproductive organs switched places.
so your face is between your legs, and hem....fanny? is on your neck.

how weird is that going to look? i mean, seriously, think about it. you'd have to wear special pants with a huge hole in the crotch. you know, you could wear ass-less chaps, they would work.
and like, do you still wear undies? theres nothing to put in the leg holes, because obviously you dont have legs coming off your neck now, do you?
but you have to cover up your privates somehow, so what, do you just wear a doorag, or what? would that look weird? and what if you wore a hat, and it was windy, and it blew off your neck? and like, you would have to go chase it, but how weird would that be? think about it. it would be like a naked man chasing a pair of undies down the street.
and like, how hard would it be to wash your hair? haha, i know what you dirty people are thinking, i meant the hair on your HEAD.
you know what would be even harder, having sex. does one of the people stand on their neck? what do your arms do? ohmigosh imagine driving. i cant even imagine it, it would be so weird.

or like, eating. you'd have to open your legs to eat. and put your neck in the bowl to go to the toilet.
seriously think about this for like 10 minutes. and be thankful that our heads are our heads, and our other parts are themselves too.


Beth said...

jacki you are one messed up girl

Jacki said...

messed up like a fox baby