Monday, January 02, 2012

When Conversations With Dad Take An Awkward Turn...

Scene: Dad and I are sitting on the couch watching a TV commercial for the 'Genie Bra'.

Dad: Okay, wow.  I'll take three.
Me: You'll take three of what?
Dad: Three Genie Bras.
Me: Um..why?
Dad: They look great!
Me: I'm glad you brought this up.  No, they're not great.  They're ugly and pointless and expensive.
Dad: How much?
Me: Like 80 bucks each!
Dad: But...look at them!  So versatile!  You can use it as a sports bra, a normal bra, a training bra...
Me: Dad do you even know what a training bra is?
Dad: I think so.  Do you girls wear training bras?
Me: Dad, I'm 21.  We're past the 'training' stage.  I play for the All Stars now.
Dad: What?
Me: Oh my God.

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