Monday, January 09, 2012

Wedding Of The Century - Part 1

Good evening, Blogosphere.   
I wasn't invited when Lamar Odom married Kim Kardashian's little sister, and they didn't ask me to MC the reception, so I feel pretty confident in calling Julia and Nathan's nuptials (on Saturday) The Wedding Of The Century.  First of all, did you see the weather on Saturday?  Stunning.  Second of all, has there ever been any couple more suited to marry each other than Julia and Nathan?  Meryl Streep and me, maybe.  Otherwise no.  And third of all:

(I don't know if you can see this, but there's an open bar in the background of that photograph).

Kidding, Julia!  It was a beautiful wedding.

But in order to really blog about TWOTC (and to do it justice), I'm gonna have to be 3 things:
1) Using a computer that runs faster than a 3-legged elephant on crutches
2) Using a computer I actually own, and
3) Not drunk
Woops!  Thank goodness I'm used to failing tests.  Rest assured, there is a wedding blog on the way; and when it arrives, it's going to be long-winded and ridiculously detailed enough that Julia herself won't even want to read it.  I mean, more than 3 or 4 times anyway.

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