Thursday, April 19, 2007

so philosophical

just something ive been pondering for a while...

what is the opposite of bald?
and i know what you're thinking.
well you're wrong.
its not hairy
its NOT.

hairy alludes to the fact that you have hair all over your body, not just on your head. if someone has a full head of hair, you dont say to them "hey, your head is really hairy."
you just dont do that.

and when someone doesnt have a really hairy body, like any normal person, you dont say to them "hey your body is really bald."
you just dont do that.
so what is it? what is it? where did it come from?
i thought every word had to have an opposite! well there goes my faith in the english language! not that ive had any since the first time i failed an english assessment.
but still.



janey said...

hairful sounds correct-ish.

kiera said...

aah as soon as i saw 'opposite of bald' i was like IT MUST BE HAIRFUL.
i guess we are just destined to be together

Jacki said...

i love thee kiera