Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ode to Gemma
Gemma is cool
She totally rules
She never drools
She goes to my school
Gemma is wack
No hair on her back
She likes a good snack
And gives a good dack
Gemma is hot
She doesnt smoke pot
Her blood doesnt clot
I love her alot
Gemma is fun
She bakes in the sun
She isnt a nun
Like steel is her bun
Gemma can dance
Dance in her pants
Listen to my rants
Marry a prince named Lance
Gemma is hot.


jimi said...

umm..apple cake with mouldy bits on top is worse than wholemeal..I know cos I ate some on sunday..I went to my nephews wedding in tweed heads on saturday and all my BEAUTIFUL kids were there and my 22 yr old daughter bought this apple cake and I saw it but wasnt wearing my glasses and I thought the mouldy bits were actually apple bits but it tasted horrible like it had cigarette smoke in it..it was really bad but it was my daughters cake so I made myself eat it..I know it sounds bad..she didnt know it was mouldy either..so anyway my nephew manages a Mariculture center on the Marshall Islands in the pacific and he married a Venezuelan girl called Tatianna..it is all very cool..do u know that my nephew whose name is Tom..and is 30 yrs old has done more than 5000 dives with scuba gear on!..He is a master diver..and I have never even done 1 dive with scuba...soooo...anyway if u wanna see more of Tom of whom I am soooo proud...well anyway go here cos it is a National Geographic page about him..see he is famous...and that way u get to find out my last name...well maybe...


otherwise dont and anyway Jacki..I still think that yer blog is the best I know..well the only one really but hey..hava gud anzac day hey :)

jimi said...

the url didnt work out so here it is again"


or just google tom bowling seahorses..or dont but u should I reckon.....and janey..I dont know why..really..

him... said...

I cant believe how stupid I am..so HERE IS DA URL....


oh...I hate my brain so much sometimes...its nearly as bad as my leg that hurts but my brain is stupider..ok..I will shut up now....