Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shower Thoughts #20

shut up avril lavigne
you know why? because you're a mole.
and also
that song girlfriend sucks hairy balls
hairy hairy balls.

in a second you'll be wrapped around my finger
coz i can, coz i can do it better
theres no other, so whens it gonna sink in
shes so stupid
what the hell were you thinking?

AVRIL LAVIGNE (or however you spell it)
you suck!
first of all,
why would any man dump his girlfriend for some girl who insults his relationship choices?
why why why?
and second of all, YOU'RE ALREADY MARRIED!!!
what reason do you have for runnning around and stealing the only men left for everyone else who isnt a giant mole? what reason avril? huh? huh? why so quiet peppy?

ive been harbouring this rage toward avril lavigne for a very long time.

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