Tuesday, April 24, 2007


ok so today i woke at 12, refreshed and ready to get ready and catch the bus to school where we were planning on having a lovely afternoon of studying modern, so i could stop failing so terribly and actually begin to understand something in modern, a long shot i know, but hey, it was worth a shot

anyway id just gotten dressed and put on mascara and everything and i was actually having a good hair day, something which happens so infrequently that i cant remember the last time it happened since im pretty sure i was still in my mothers womb, and then the fone rings.
you heard me right
the fone
it rang.

so i frolicked downstairs in a fit of excitement about the fact that i was about to make the journey to school to do some modern (weird i know, but i find myself having cravings sometimes, i think its because our class is so sexy), answering the fone in my most ladylike voice, and low and behold, fund myself talking to miss shanahan, who explained that we would NOT be doing any modern today because she had synesitis and was forced to go home.
(it took me a moment to get over the fact that SHE was actually calling ME. i always thought it would be the other way around, should i somehow, someday manage to get my hands on her phone number. i also always thought that beth and casey would be with me, and we would be putting on a male voice, and giggling uncontrollably.)

so yes
not only do i now know officially nothing about what i am supposed to know about for the modern exam, im also annoyed because i saw NOBODY today which means that NOBODY shared my good hair day, and i probably wont have another one for another 17 years.

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