Wednesday, April 11, 2007


so, this being the holidays and all, what i should have done today would probably involve lots of sun and shopping, laughter and fun, general good-times-being-had kind of thing, you know, except that because we're now in year 12 and actually have to start listening and learning in school (where did that come from?), i had to somehow figure out how to get in 6 hours of study as well as going to school from 10 til 3 to attend the 'dt day'.
needless to say i barely made 2 hours of study, and spent the entire time at school weeping over the fact that i have to individually hand stitch three hundred and twenty five million beads onto my dress, at the same time as trying to figure out a way to stab myself in the heart with my needle just hard enough so that i never have to so much as look at another bead again, but not hard enough that i actually die.

the highlight of the day was probably my weekly perve on wentworth miller during prison break. I dont understand why people dont think that manly man beast of a manly man isnt hot. so his nose is a little crooked.
so what?
so is mine.
we'll match.
probably more disturbing is the fact that some people find the old old old man who plays his brother more hot.
more hot i tell you
the man catherine and i have nicknamed 'abe'.
as in old.
because you know, all old people are called abe.
i really dont see why they have to make hot hot hot wentworth miller the character with the whole body suit tattoo freakish thing, thus forcing him to wear long sleeved tops at all times, when ew ew ew abe is the one running around with his shirt half undone the whole time
why why why would they do that to me?
and as if he wouldnt find that annoying. you're trying to run away from the police half naked, for crying out loud.

im pretty sure he shaves his chest anyway, so i should just smack his bottom. or rather, get someone else to do it for me since touching anything that old and saggy would make me projectile vomit myself into another universe.
well i hope youve all enjoyed another rant about pretty much nothing, just me, and my pointless arguments and observations that never get anyone anywhere.
why are you reading this! go study!

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Beth said...

lol dont worry jacki my love. i have done a total of 0 hours study the whole holidays so far. and im not lying.

im seriously screwed.

yeah. yeah.


screw this i hate highschool.