Friday, April 21, 2006

whats with that

whats with people being not allowed to walk around the streets naked? i mean, what, whats wrong with that? so people are allowed to be born naked, but we're not allowed to walk out our front door to get the paper on sunday morning without wearing clothes?? whats wrong with that??
and whats with people not giving teenagers jobs? like they say "actually we'd prefer someone with more experience". fair enough, but how are people supposed to get experience if you wont even give them a job?? soon enough we'll have a nation of jobless teenagers and no one will know how to work the new registers at Coles because all the people with experience have died without employing any teenagers.
whats with tv? seriously, whats with it?? i mean, apart from Home and Away, The OC, Laguna Beach, Making The Band, The Simpsons, Untalkative Bunny, Futurama, American Dad, Lost, Prison Break, Next Top Model, Family Guy, Scrubs, Pimp My Ride, The Ashlee Simpson Show, Hannah Montanna, Mythbusters, TRL, MTV's Beachhouse, Will and Grace, Friends, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, Maury Povich, Jenny Jones, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Australian Idol, Room Raiders, E!, Punkd, Saturday Night Live, Surf Girls, Made, Meet The Barkers, The Simple Life's 1 2 and 3, Daria, Friday Night Games, Baywatch and Blue Water High, it totally sucks.
whats with blocking people on msn? what, like, why would you do that? if you dont want to talk to someone, why would you add them? why would you do it? its just a waste of time. you add someone, you say one word to them, and then you block them. thats like, 8 seconds of your life, and you'll never get that 8 seconds back. its so lame.
whats with people in selective schools like not having to take half-yearly exams til year 11? whats with that??? arent they supposed to be the smarter half??? shouldnt they be doing all the work and becoming the important people, like the doctors and lawyers and script writers of Home and Away???
whats with some of the things people go to gaol for?? like i heard this one lady went to prison because her daughter was too fat. what, how does that make sense?? its not like this lady tied her kid to the bed and force fed her fried chicken and enchiladas for 12 and a half years, but she goes to gaol. and what does the kid do now? 12 year olds dont know how to make salad, but they do know the delivery number to pizza hut off by heart.
whats with people stalking their teachers.
whats with people making lists of stuff they dont get because they spend too much time writing lists about stuff they dont get.


Beth said...

and whats with people spelling jail "gaol"!!

Jacki said...

its the australian spelling
i mean come on, we are in australia.
if you dont spell it "gaol" why dont you get the hell out!