Wednesday, April 19, 2006

total sucktown

what is with people making sequal movies which are total sucko??
like scary movie 1 was the shiz
and so was scary movie 2
and so was scary movie 3
but scary movie 4 is just so not

like they used all the same jokes as in scary movie 3, which were funny the first 32 times, but when you do them again in another movie, its just like what?


Julia Ba Gulia said...

i totally agree, the only sequel that I would absolutely agree on making would be a Dirty Dancing Sequel. And im not talking havanna nights which is apparently suck town, I'm talking a reunion of Johnny and Baby. Oh so hot, although they will be a bit wrinkly I dont care....because im not agist like some people cough jacki cough

Jacki said...

ha i am so not against wrinkles
and yeah havana nights is total sucko
hey julia r u going to luna park on sunday?