Friday, April 21, 2006


so just in case you werent finding my blog entertaining enough, what with the shower thoughts and crude interviews with famous people and all, heres yet another one of my embarrasing moments...
about 5 days ago i was walking home from st leonards station, so i was like walking along the highway, next to all these shiny highrise buildings, which, being all shiny and big, naturally caught my attention. so i was walking along, reading my messages, checking my hair in the reflective windows on the buildings and looking through old pictures i have on my fone, and i didnt notice that some nobhead has left a massive roadblock on the pavement. so of course, because i am a blind, clumsy fool, i fell over it headfirst and faceplanted into the curb.

if ur not getting a good enough visual, check out this clip:
im the cat, the fence is the roadblock.

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