Sunday, April 09, 2006

ode to modern

once upon a time
in a land far far away
we almost died of boredom
but modern saved the day

we always sleep in english
we all hate maths alot
i want to stab miss muffin
but modern is just hot

modern is so thrilling
im so excited i can barely sit
the stuff we learn is cool too
like the middle east and all that shit

we have the coolest teacher
shes better than the rest
shed even be the coolest
if she had a hairy chest

Em-shaz teaches us so much
we always get 90% at least
the people we learn about are so cool
theodore herzl - that sexy beast

modern is the shizdog
leaving it is really tough
we never have a bad time
coz modern's so damn puff!


Jacki said...

why has no one commented???
this poem is the shiz!!

SpeciaL GeM said...

jacki i think this poem is fabulouso and that it should be learnt by all forever and a day!

Janey said...

jacki, that poem really IS the shiz.