Wednesday, April 26, 2006

That Time I Met...The Grudge

jacki: iiiiiiiiits Grudgy!!!
thegrudge: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
jacki: right. so, how you doin there grudgy? or should i call you grudge? or mrs grudge...wait, ARE you a woman?
thegrudge: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
jacki: aaaaaaaaaaaaah it is then. so, aaaaaaaaaah, hows life in the old haunted house in Japan. still killing people?
thegrudge: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
jacki: thats great. good business I head, killing people. Mind if I get in on it?
thegrudge: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
jacki: thanks man, uh I mean woman, uh I mean thing. So listen, I was meaning to ask you, whats with all the killing people? I mean yeah, the first old lady looked pretty fun, but what, are you seriously going to kill everyone who goes in that house?
thegrudge: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
jacki: still angry huh? you know, they have classes for that
thegrudge: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
jacki: yeah, i know, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. got it. geez
thegrudge: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
jacki: oh my - security? SECURITY?? would someone get this freakhouse out of here?
thegrudge: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
jacki: ok, fine, calm down and you can stay.
jacki: .....huh
jacki: look, im really not......getting anything from this. Are you..are we playing charades?
thegrudge: UUuhh!! look bitch, ive been makin my creepy noise for like 6 solid minutes now. its not that easy on the old throat you know. geez. cut me some slack. I mean, first I fall in love with one of the sheens who rejects me, then my husband goes all a-track and kills me, now i have to haunt this crapheap of a house with my creepy son and some cat who doesnt even add to the story line, just runs around meowing and eating my noodles.
jacki: im...sorry?
thegrudge: sigh. ok. ive had kind of a rough day, if you could just lay down and let me suck the life out of you, thatd be great.
jacki: what??? are you kidding? sorry lady, no can do.
thegrudge: ok, fine. just come here a minute. i want to tell you a secret.
jacki: unless its how to kick the crap outta your dumb butt, i dont wanna hear about it.
thegrudge: fine. can i at least have one of those donuts over there?
jacki: sorry. staff only.
thegrudge: crap.


AmAnDa said...
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AmAnDa said...

Hey, awsome blog! i like it. you just sound really random yet your blogs are put together. anywho, i like the one 'whats with that' and your interviews are good. well keep on blogoring!

Anonymous said...

hey its boo.. or anonymous w/e.. nice blog with grudgy. JACKI STOP WRITIN BOUT NAKEY PPL!! ha. um yeh so many pats.. hahaha julia.. jealous... um fears a random movie.. o btw.. mond all day everyone (pointing at the 6.. + jack n biz) ummmm I AM NOT BEING IN THE TITANIC!! i hate door hogs... pleas i wana play the fni game now. xoxox god that was random

Jacki said...

so agreed