Monday, April 17, 2006

That Time I Met...Michael Jackson

jacki: so hey michael, how are things?
michael: terrible. didnt you hear? what, you stupid? are you serious?
jacki: hey, im not the one addicted to plastic surgery here.
michael: ohmygosh, how many times?? i didnt get plastic surgery!!
jacki: oh sure. so how exactly do you explain...
michael: ive told people again and again, im allergic to the sun. isnt it obvious thats why i turned white?
jacki: um, no.
michael: well, whatever.
jacki: dont you whatever me, you crazy lady.
michael: lady?? what, you calling me lady now??? what are you on?!
jacki: hey, i dont have to answer those questions. im the interviewer here. shut up!
michael: dont tell me to shut up, you freak!
jacki: dont you call me a freak, you molesterer!
michael: molesterer???? whered you pull THAT from????
jacki: isnt it obvious?
michael: no
jacki: sigh
michael: dont sigh at me. im delicate.
jacki: so michael, how are things in CRAZY town?????
michael: what??
jacki: what??
michael: WHAT??
jacki: WHAT??
michael: so hey, wanna learn the moonwalk?
jacki: sure



Anonymous said...

hahaha i love it, hes delicate hahaha i looooooooooooove it keep it up champ

Love Julia

SpeciaL GeM said...

jacki you are so awsome!