Wednesday, April 19, 2006

That Time I Met...Catherine Trew

note: this conversation actually happened

jacki: do we have to watch this?
catherine: yes
jacki: why its so boring
catherine: no its not. go away. if you dont want to watch it, go downstairs.
jacki: but its all dark and scary down there.
catherine: shut up
jacki: you shut up
catherine: no, you shut up.
jacki: your face
catherine: your mother
jacki: your mothers face
catherine: your uterus
jacki: your mothers uterus
catherine: what is wrong with us???
jacki: whats wrong with you??
catherine: get away from me
jacki: can i borrow your computer??? pleeeaaaasse?
catherine: no, shut up!
jacki: fine, im so not getting you a showbag.
catherine: whats your problem??? besides I can always get Danielle to get me a showbag.
jacki: fine
catherine: fine
jacki: fine
catherine: FINE
jacki: why are you so mean to me? everyone elses sisters are so nice.
catherine: oh as if they are.
jacki: ok maybe i made that up.
catherine: URGH get AWAY from me!!
jacki: you get away from me!!! YOUR NOT THE BOSS!!!
(start slapping each other)
catherine: hey, how much do you feel like watching Titanic right now?
jacki: ok!


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