Sunday, April 16, 2006

i meet jack and rose from Titanic

just watched titanic
and i was thinking, was i, that if i ever met jack and rose, the conversation may go something like this:

jacki: so, hi, jack and rose
jack and rose: hi. its good to be here
jack: well, not for me. actually, because im dead. didnt you see that rose? or were you too busy saving yourself???
rose: yeah, well, i would have been able to save you if you hadnt been such a weakling and died so quickly. i mean come on the water wasnt that cold.
jack: uh, like you would know
jacki: yeah, rose, i have to ask you, do you feel bad at all about hogging the entire door to yourself?
rose: hey, it wasnt my choice, i didnt exactly push jack off.
jack: yeah, well you didnt exactly help me on either.
rose: dude, what is your problem? what did i do??? aren't you supposed to love me, or something?
jacki: well rose, you did like almost get him arrested at the beginning, then you told him he was rude, then you rejected him for that loser Cal for a bit, then you almost left him alone on the sinking ship, then there was the whole hogging-the-door thing, then you let him sink into the water, and then you went and blew that guys whistle to save yourself. i mean, you could of at least saved his frozen corpse, or something.
jack: WHAT?? you did what??? thats it, from now on, i dont want you blowing anyone elses whistles except for mine.
rose: that doesnt even make sense.
jack: shut up. and by the way, whats with the whole getting married again thing. what happened to "ill love you forever jack"????
rose: hey, you're the one who made me promise to grow old and have lots of babies. i cant exactly do that with a frozen corpse.
jack: you could at least try..i mean, i would have done it for you.
jacki: ew
rose: shut up. who even are you??? where are we?
jacki: hey, you dont get to ask those questions, bitch. this is my blog we're on.
jack: yeah, leave her alone you door-hogging skank.
rose: dont you call me a skank, you, you...THIRD CLASS BOY
jack: WHAT DID YOU CALL ME????? thats it, we are so over lady. this frozen corpse isnt yours anymore.
jacki: uh, this is so twisted. im leaving.
rose: like i wanted your frozen body anyway.. i hope you know i was just using you for the thrill.
jack: whatever. its over. wheres that molly brown chick? she was HOT!
jacki: would you both get off my blog please, you're freaking people out.
jack and rose: yeah, whatever.
jacki: im serious. ive got a gun. yeah, thats right, ive got a gun
jack and rose: fine, we're leaving.
jack: geez.


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Beth said...

you have serious mental problems.