Friday, August 21, 2009

I babysat with Julia the other weekend, and it was pretty flippin' awesome. I've never babysat with anyone else before, but I've gotta say, it is SO much better than babysitting alone. First of all, it's way easier to put on a puppet show when there's two of you. Also, you don't have the problem of leaving the room for 5 minutes, then coming back to find the kid completely naked and in the process of smearing half their dinner over the living room wall.
Yeah, like I said. WAY better than being alone.
One of the highlights of the evening - for me at least - was the changing of the nappy. Which might sound weird. It should sound weird, because it IS weird. But all the kids I usually babysit are too old for nappies. I've never changed a nappy before! So sue me, I was excited!!
Anyway, Julia was the one who actually did it. I just observed. Like I said, I've never changed a nappy before; if I tried to do it, it would have ended up backwards or inside out, or on the kids head instead of his ass or something. So yeah, Julia was the one who did it. Once it was done, Lucas - that was the kids name, Lucas - ran off screaming, and the two of us stayed sitting on the floor for a few minutes. Then I made everything totally awkward by asking Julia if she'd ever had the urge to put on a nappy. You know, like after Lucas had been put to bed.
Oh, my gosh. Yeah.
I knew as soon as it came out of my mouth that I sounded totally nuts, but since Julia had made a joke about marinating steaks in menstrual fluid earlier in the evening, I figured we were pretty much even.
Anyway, she said no. When I got home, I asked my sister, and she also said no. I asked my Mum and she told me to "quit being so freaking weird all the time".
Interesting. When did my Mum start using the word freaking?
So I'm putting a question out there: Has anyone ever been babysitting, and had the urge to put on one of the kids nappies?
And you should know, I'm not saying that I do. Because I don't. I don't. I totally totally don't. I do NOT have the urge. But if you DO, then you might be almost as crazy as I am. So, like, we should be friends.

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