Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Celebrity Doppelganger Theory strikes back - for like, the fourth time

Yeah, I'm still talking about The Celebrity Doppelganger Theory. Whatever, man. I don't have a lot going on right now.
Except that actually, I totally do. This just in: I found two more Celebrity Doppelgangers in the last week alone! TWO DG'S IN ONE WEEK! That's crazy talk! Crazy but true.
Kind of like me.
Haha. Get it? Because I'm crazy, and my last name is Trew.
I'm pretty sure I've made that joke before, but I don't care. It's still awesome.
Speaking of awesome, here are my two new AWESOME Doppelgangers:
  • Mischa Ummmm-I-Don't-Actually-Know-His-Last-Name-But-He's-Elle's-Boyfriend-And-I-Went-To-His-House-This-One-Time-So-You-Know-I-Consider-Us-Tight-Enough-That-I-Can-Write-About-Him-On-My-Blog-Without-Feeling-Awkward-About-It = Mark Ruffalo
  • Our waiter at Harbourview Restaurant the other night = Liam Neeson
Well, a young Liam Neeson. A young Liam Neeson with very short hair. Seriously though. Seriously. He had the accent and everything!! I pointed it out like 2 minutes after we sat down, and the four of us spent the rest of the night addressing him as 'Liam'. He probably thought we were all nuts. No, he definitely thought we were all nuts. Which, I guess, we are.
Oh, except me. I'm allergic. I'll be a chickpea.
But yeah, long story short, I think we freaked him out pretty good. Like, there was the whole 'calling him Liam even though his name was actually Steve or whatever' thing. Plus every time he left our table I would start ranting about how The Celebrity Doppelganger Theory was going to win me the Nobel Peace Prize. Then Catherine would start ranting over the top of me about how there is nothing remotely noble or peaceful about The Celebrity Doppelganger Theory. Then Mum would start ranting over the top of Catherine about how it's Nobel, not noble, and that being noble really has nothing to do with it. Then Dad would start ranting over the top of all three of us about how good the calamari was.
All in all, a pretty regular dinner for the Trew family.

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